18% of drivers consider cargo transport is dangerous for women

January 19, 20220

A recent survey by Women in Trucking (WIT) found that more than half of female truck drivers have felt unsafe at least once.

Approximately 20% of women reported that they were threatened with a weapon. 4% of respondents told about rape.

WIT conducted a survey to find out what professional male and female truckers think about safety and harassment in US trucking.

When asked whether the North American transportation industry is a safe industry for female drivers to work in, respondents were divided.

53% of respondents agreed that trucking is safe for women.

18% of the respondents strongly disagreed.

Approximately 29% were neutral.

Female drivers are wary of cabs with the opposite sex. Some 42% of those surveyed said they knew of female drivers who had been harassed or assaulted due to sharing a truck with an instructor of the opposite sex.

Moreover, 46% of drivers have experienced physical force at least once.

One-third of respondents indicated that none of the companies they had ever worked for offered same-sex training programs.

62.5% of respondents strongly agreed that the implementation of a single sex training program would encourage more women to work as truck driver.


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