1 trillion on bridges and roads: Has the bill went down in flames?

July 23, 20210

This week the vote was held, it was focused on “driving from the dead-lock” the talks on huge budgeting on the country’s infrastructure.

The nearly $ 1 trillion over five years includes about $ 579 billion of new expenses on roads, broadband links and other public works projects – first base of Biden’s infrastructure program.

Biden believes that mostly Americans support his plan.

However, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky said that big spending is the last thing American families need.

White House assistants and a bipartisan group of senators have been meeting privately every day since July 18. They were trying to clinch a deal that will be the first phase of a possible package of over $ 4 trillion in intramural expenditures – not just on roads and bridges, but the basics of everyday life, including child care, family tax remissions, education and the Medicare expansion for elderly people.

The next steps are unclear, but the bipartisan group insists that the deal will be made soon.

Republican senators asked to postpone the vote, and 11 Republicans signed a letter to Schumer saying they will support going forward by voting in favor on July 26 if certain package details are ready.

Schumer said the senators are in the fourth week of talks after reaching an agreement with the White House on broad outline of the infrastructure spending. The July 21 vote shouldn`t be the deadline for working out every detail, he said.


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