Walmart raises truck driver salary to next level

April 8, 20220

On Thursday, Walmart announced a significant salary hike for commercial truck drivers.

Beginners will be able to earn up to $110,000 during their first year of employment.

Walmart said it would further increase wages for experienced drivers based on length of service and location.

The company also launched a four-month training program in which supply chain workers in Dallas and Dover, Delaware, receive their CDLs and become Walmart drivers.

Newcomers are taught by Walmart drivers who are certified driving instructors.

Last year, Walmart hired about 4,500 drivers; they currently employ about 12,000 drivers. The Walmart fleet consists of over 6,000 tractors and over 60,000 trailers.

The company does not comment about the number of drivers which are expected after passing the new training program.

Being a truck driver at Walmart is considered prestigious, as wages here are much higher than the market.

Average salary estimates for long distance drivers can be found all over the map. Job search firm Indeed values ​​it at over $79,000 a year.

Average salary estimates for long-distance drivers vary widely.

Job search firm Indeed estimates the amount to be over $79,000 a year. ZipRecruiter, another job search firm, values ​​it at $64,000.

Glassdoor, a site where current and potential employees anonymously rate companies, says it is around $57,200 a year.


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