Trucking company holds biggest pay raise for truckers in 60 years

January 25, 20220

The transport company KLLM Transport Services increases wages of its employees, including truckers, by 33%. The increase will take effect in February.

Drivers of regional companies and independent contractors will receive a 10-16% increase in wages and compensation.

Also, regional drivers will be guaranteed weekly wages. Truck drivers are generally paid per mile, which means they don’t get paid for the time they spend on cargo handling. As you know, this can take up to several hours.

“They’ll know exactly how much money they bring home, compared to the ups and downs in wages that can occur in some cases,” said Jim Richards, the company’s president and chief executive officer.

Richards also clarified that the increase means company-trained drivers will be able to earn about $70000 when they start working, up from the $48000 they used to get. He added that new drivers can earn between $120000 and $150000 in the first year.

“Historically, it has always been difficult to find good, qualified drivers, and in the last year or thereabout it has become increasingly difficult,” said Richards.

The country has been struggling with a shortage of truck drivers for a long time. In October, American Trucking Association CEO Chris Speer estimated that the trucking industry was critically short of about 80000 drivers.


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