Pride raises truck driver salary for the third time since December 2020

October 11, 20210

Pride Transport, a family-owned Utah-based trucking company, announced its third pay increase for drivers in the last year.

Effective December 1, Pride driver’s wages increased by 4 cents per mile, with an additional 4 cents per mile over two years as part of a $ 10,000 sign-in bonus.

“This is an exciting announcement,” said Steve Schelin, director of recruiting for Pride Transport. “What does that mean for a driver coming to Pride Transport? It means our base pay rate is 45 to 47.5 cents per mile and then we add so many extras.”

Schelin emphasized that Pride distributes its $10,000 sign-on bonus as a weekly pay increase that lasts for two years. “That may sound like a long time, but it’s paid at $100 per week for two years. That’s the equivalent of another 4 cent-per-mile raise during that time.”

The company said it also has an “unbeatable” 401(k) program that matches contributions by 20%. On top of base pay, the company offers drivers pay for layover, breakdown and stops, plus guaranteed detention. Drivers also enjoy paid holiday and vacation time, affordable healthcare plans and paid orientation.

Pride Transport offers fully automated refrigerated cargo, state-of-the-art equipment and programs for pets and passengers.


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