Companies ask to cancel rules for truckers to improve employment process

August 19, 20210

Werner Enterprises addressed to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) with a request to exempt students from the Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) requirements in order to improve cargo operations for the company and speed up the process of attracting new drivers.  

Last month, Nebraska-based Werner Enterprises addressed to the FMCSA with a petition on the exemption from the requirement that a CLP owner must carry a CDL license in the front seat while the commercial vehicle is operated by the CLP.

Under current regulations, a temporary CDL is no longer issued, forcing Werner “to either wait till the new driver receive a CDL in his home state before the load starts moving in “on-duty” status or send a new driver who is unable to drive. “.

Werner argues that this “downtime” is causing many problems, including escalating cost problems and inefficiency issues for the transport operator, creating financial hardship for the new driver, and possibly deterioration new driver’s professional skills. The company argues that observation of these standards impose an intense operative load.

In addition, the company said that since it takes “days or weeks” in some states to update a driver’s license status after passing a test, the company faces even greater delays.

However, if an exemption from the current regulations is issued, cargo operations will be improved and qualified truck drivers will be immediately hired and get a compensation “during a historic shortage of truckers” – Werner announced.

In February, the FMCSA approved a similar exemption requested by Wilson Logistics in Springfield, Missouri. Several individual commentators opposed the bid, one of them was arguing that the company was simply seeking how to increase profits at the risk of an inexperienced driver behind the wheel.


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