Analysis: which drivers earn more than others in freight transport

July 24, 20210

According to the research truckers of the food service industry earn much more than the others.

The 2021 salary survey by International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) shows that the average hourly pay of foodservice sector workers in general is “highly competitive and often outdo other food distribution workers” and many other occupations.

“Our observation proves that choosing a career in the catering industry pays off,” said IFDA President and CEO Mark S. Allen. “Thanks to a wide range of job positions: ranging from truck drivers to warehouse workers and diesel mechanics, our industry offers well-paid career opportunities.”

He said that many foodservice sector jobs offer on-the-job training and development, adding that “taking into account that more than 17 500 jobs currently open for truckers and 15 000 for warehouse workers, it`s a great time to start working in the industry”.

We found out that drivers of enterprises of foodservice sector receive an average annual salary of $ 69 694. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this salary is much better than the truckers of heavy-payload trucks receive – an average of $ 48 710.

The wage gap widens even further compared to BLS wage data for other types of drivers, such as light truck drivers or delivery drivers, whose average is only $ 41 050.

IFDA is a trading company that supplies foodservice industry with an income $ 303 billion and delivers food products to over 1 million restaurants and food service outlets in the United States.


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