Trucker received $ 10,000 from Secret Santa

December 7, 20210

Secret Santa is a real person, keeps anonymity, giving joy to those around him. One truck driver was lucky to receive a present from him.

A truck driver called Tom has done a lot for the Rigby community without asking for anything in return. After the high school shooting in May, he organized a flag-raising ceremony with the participation of rescuers and gathered the community for support.

Besides driving a semi truck, Tom hangs the American flag and service flags during the performance of the National Anthem at public events. He serves on the Hot Classic Nights auto show Committee and assists with veteran and Memorial Day events.

Tom’s wife drives the school bus and is always helpful in everything he does. She helps and never asks for anything in return. Tom had a pacemaker surgery a few weeks ago and it hasn’t worked for 2-3 weeks.

The family will have a difficult time, as they will lose Tom’s income during his rehabilitation.


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