Firebird 77 and Free Beer: Coors Contest after “Smokey and the Bandit”

June 12, 20210

The famous beer brand is giving away free beer and a retro car as part of the “Smokey and the Bandit” thematic campaign.

Since Friday, June 11th, Coors Banquet is sending fans of the famous film on a virtual hunt.

“Coors Banquet is hiding the keys to the retro dreamcar with a mechanical gearbox Pontiac Firebird in a secret location in Colorado, and on June 11th, five clues will be provided, after the correct answer contestants will be directed to the next location with a following clue. The keys are hidden in the last spot. The first person to find them will get a car and a free Coors set for a year” the company announced.   

Coors Banquet is also running a competition on their Instagram. Five participants who will answer all the quiz questions correctly in the comments will receive free beer for a year.

The contest expires in 72 hours, hurry up!


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