3 must-see movies about trucking

January 15, 20210

Trucking movies are popular in the Hollywood cinema due to the specific nature of this difficult but so exciting job. Nowadays there are more than 70 films about the road lifestyle – feature films, series and even erotic movies 😊

Here are 3 must-see movies about the trucking according to IMDb Rating – world’s most popular recourse for movies.

So, take your popcorn and here we go!

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

This yee-haw story is about two buoyant guys who try to smuggle 400 cases of the Coors beer from Texas to Georgia at a time when it is absolutely illegal.

Interesting facts:

  • Many young people started a career as a truck driver after watching this film.
  • The movie made CB radios very popular.
  • The Coors beer was not sold in the east regions of the USA. That’s why everyone who lived there dreamed to taste it.
  • The film was so successful, that they made two sequels!
  • Trucks used in the movie were Kenworth W-900A (1973 and 1974 models).

Convoy (1978)

Like most of the movies from that period, “Convoy” tells us the story about the truck driver named Rubber Duck and his colleagues, who stand up for their rights to drive faster than 55 miles/hour.

Interesting facts:

  • The plot was based on the country song by C. W. McCall, that had been written three years earlier. But the singer changed the song especially for the movie.
  • The epic tractor of Rubber Duck was Mack RS712LST, but there were other three trucks in the movie! One of them was required for scenes inside the cabin, another one was dumped into the Colorado River.

Duel (1971)

The American thriller tells about the standoff on the road between the car driver and the ominous maniac in the rusty truck. Remarkable that the main character in this film plays the truck, not the driver.

Interesting facts:

  • The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and is cult classic about trucking till now.
  • Some film critics call “Duel” the most stressful psychological thriller of all time!
  • Attentive funs could notice that plates on the truck are changing all the time. It is an Easter Egg from Spielberg that means number of deaths. Also, director used different camera`s angles to make the illusion of fast driving.

So, that’s it!

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