Ukrainian became trucker in the US to help relatives in his motherland

August 3, 20220

Igor Boyko is Ukrainian with a complex fate and remarkable perseverance. Thanks to the desire to do what he loves, he was able to emigrate to the United States and is now actively helping those who remained in difficult conditions in Ukraine.

A few years ago, one of Igor’s three sons was lucky enough to win a Green Card. At the beginning of 2020, Igor was already planning to move to the States with his son, but restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic ruined his plans.

Only in October 2021, Igor and his wife managed to move, and he immediately rushed to look for a job. Within a short time stay in the States, the man managed to get a negative experience in construction and, in the end, decided that he needed to return to his favorite profession – driving a truck.

As a young man, Igor received a diploma in mechanics and knew everything about heavy trucks and transportation. But driving a truck in the US requires additional knowledge, so Igor, following his son, went to get his first licensed profession in the US at Start CDL Training Center.

In the You-tube project “Zero Mile” Igor told about his experiences.

Right now, his son is fighting at the front in Ukraine, and his 83-year-old mother, who due to her age refused to move to the US, also stayed in their homeland.

From the spring 2015 to the winter 2017, Igor himself took part in the hostilities in Donbass and knows firsthand what war is. Having many friends from all over Ukraine, the former military man does not divide the people into “west” and “east” and believes that his country will soon be liberated from russian invaders.

Igor is glad that he found a training center where they clearly explain the specifics of working as a truck driver. We hope that very soon, having found a well-paid job, he will be able to support his relatives financially.

Geographically, the training center is located in Pennsylvania, but in the first part of the training process to prepare for the CDL test, it is not necessary to attend in-person.

Start CDL Training launched a unique online course that includes Pre Trip Inspection, Air Brake and In-Cab Inspection. The course is hosted on an online platform and can be taken from anywhere around the world. Each student is assigned an online consultant, whose task is to acquaint students with how works the platform where they are trained and prepare them for passing the entire theoretical part of the exam.

For students who have difficulty with English, Start CDL Training developed a special language course, where students study individually online with a teacher.

Well, after the successful passage of online training, there is a practical driving course with experienced coaches directly on the territory of the training center.

Having passed such a powerful professional training, students are guaranteed to receive a CDL and soon, like Igor, they begin to earn money doing what they love.

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