The age limit for truck drivers

January 24, 20210

The trucking industry offers many benefits for drivers of almost all ages – that’s why more and more people decide to drive a semi-truck. “The age is just a number” – that’s about truck driving.

Nevertheless, every potential truck driver must be physically and psychologically able to do their job well and meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. Being at least 21 is, probably, the main requirement.

Every year thousands of mature men and women get into the trucking industry. The average age of truck drivers in America is around 48 years, but it is not uncommon for people in their 50’s or even 60’s to get their CDL and hop into the truck cab.

After all, truck drivers have a lot of advantages.

Firstly, they have the great opportunity to travel around the country and meet different people.

Secondly, they get paid money for that!

Thirdly, there are many Truck Driver benefits like the life insurance, medical insurance, paid vacation and others.

One more reason – truck drivers are still needed in the most companies!

So, no matter how old are you if you are ready to start the new career. Just begin from getting your CDL license.


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