Representatives of training centers and schools concerned about new CDL rules

February 10, 20220

The trucking industry is concerned about how new rules for schools and training centers could affect the recruitment of new drivers.

New federal regulations governing CDL training requirements went into effect on Monday. Now some experts are worried about the high cost of schools and trucking training centers.

Under the new regulations (ELDT), would-be truck drivers must complete training at an educational institution that is listed on the training provider register. This means that the good old way of learning to drive with family or friends is no longer legal. Moreover, some small trucking schools may no longer qualify as eligible CDL training.

“Now people can’t just walk up to someone who has a truck and say, “Hey, can you teach me how to drive a truck?” Now you will have to go to school for formalized education. It can be a barrier,” said Ken Snipes, director of Austin Resource Recovery (ARR), an urban waste management company.

“Schools usually cost somewhere around $5, $6, $7000. For many, this is not a small amount,” continued Snipes.

Despite price concerns, some people in the trucking industry say the new requirements could improve driver training and overall safety.


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