New bill simplify getting CDL and extend its term

February 3, 20220

The new bill aims to simplify the process of getting a CDL for truckers. Moreover, it will extend the term of already existing licenses.

The bill «License Act» was submitted for consideration on Wednesday, February 2.

It now allows third-party license examiners to take the CDL Skills Test without taking their own training course. In addition, the bill allows licensed drivers accompanying CLP owners to leave the front passenger seat. The bill also allows states to test driving skills for truckers who may work out of state.

«Our bipartisan bill cuts bureaucracy and increases number of our colleagues in the trucking industry so we can safely and quickly deliver essentials and other supplies all over the country,» said Mark Kelly, Senator from Arizona.

«One of the first steps to address the current supply chain crisis is to increase the number of truck drivers delivering goods to stores across the country,» said Cynthia Lummis, Senator from Wyoming. «Being a rural state, Wyoming is particularly depending on trucks, and streamlining commercial driver licensing and getting rid of overly burdensome regulations will benefit everyone.»

The American Trucking Associations support the bill, writing in a letter that «in the context of the nowadays disruptions in the supply chain, the License Act is a reasonable means of removing the unnecessary regulatory barriers that make learning and testing CDL so difficult.»


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