More and more carriers are posting offers for truck driver job work

September 11, 20210

Road carriers are increasing their efforts to find truckers due to a shortage of workers caused by the pandemic.

«The biggest change that we see – apart from the vast number of companies now using our website to advertise truck drivers’ jobs – is the expansion of the types of companies that do this,» said Darin Williams, president of – an online service designed to securely transmit driver’s application data directly to the selected carrier.

William says that after the pandemic, they represent carriers that have never had to be advertised – private carriers, union carriers, family carriers.»

As on August, 135 carriers were represented at CDLjobs, while previously 86 carriers used the site.

The Truck Association of America predicts that the trucking industry will need approximately 1,1 million new drivers over the next decade, or nearly 110 000 drivers per year, to meet the growing demand for freight transport.

«In the past, carriers typically worked individually with multiple service providers and media partners to reach potential clients,» said TT Priscilla Peters, vice president of marketing and training at Conversion Interactive Agency. «It took a lot of time, a lot of phone calls and analytics.»

Peters said the growing competition in the market makes this strategy ineffective and forces operators to look for a more comprehensive approach to building their brands and better understanding what works and what doesn’t.

Alabama Media Group is a digital marketing agency and publisher that serves ads on, The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times, Press-Register, Birmingham Magazine, and This is Alabama. This agency has been working with road carriers for a long time.

«We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of trucking companies of all ranks,» said TT Bart Tau, vice president of marketing for Alabama Media Group. «But especially for small and medium enterprises. Like  companies with an assortment of 50 to 1000 trucks. What they are trying to do right now is trying to link the hiring funnel directly to them.»

The number of trucking companies advertising this group has doubled from 50 to over 100 a year ago.

In the current environment, Tau added, carriers are trying to reach out to people who aren’t necessarily looking for jobs as carriers.

«We are developing marketing strategies that help transport companies advertise themselves in the workplace to potential employees,» he said, noting that part of this marketing strategy involves carriers making their operations attractive. And it’s not only benefits and pay, but also lifestyle and work culture.

«Most of the inquiries we get right now come from small fleets that have never really had to be advertised,» Hightower CEO Pat Hightower told TT. «They used to find drivers by recommendations or «rummor mill» and they could also do a little internal ad. Companies that have, for example, 150 trucks or fewer.» Today, Hightower receives daily messages from small fleets looking for advertising recommendations for drivers.

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