How to choose the best CDL training center

May 17, 20220

In February, new training and commercial driver’s license (CDL) requirements came into effect. In this article we tell about how to choose a reliable training center.

Before enrolling in the first CDL school that comes across on Google, you need to decide whether to attend a public or private training center.

Publicity programs vs Private schools

Publicity funded programs are different from private ones. Public courses are usually offered by community colleges, and the programs are longer and cheaper.

The downside of these schools is that it may take much longer to get a CDL and get to work, and there are far fewer financing options.

Private training centers offer shorter programs and more financing options, including operator-funded training. This option is often chosen by students with a minimum income, but who want to get to work as soon as possible.

The trucking industry’s continuous need for new drivers has resulted in a variety of programs that allow drivers to earn their CDLs and acquire the necessary skills as a bonus.

For example, the Start CDL Training center has successfully implemented online training in the theoretical part of its program. So, in order to study PTI, students do not have to come to the training center – they can take lessons anytime they are able to do it.

A support service is in touch with each student, which help you understand the theory and check whether the student has learned the material well. This type of study saves time and money.


In addition to self-paying tuition, a student can also receive a loan or funding from a carrier. In the latter case, it is necessary to know how long it will take to fulfill the obligation to the carrier.

Many drivers get their start in the industry this way, but the conditions at each training center may vary widely. Therefore, it is critical that the truck driver ask questions and carefully read any contracts before signing them.


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