FMCSA creates a support page for entry-level truckers

December 30, 20220

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration added a page to its website for those who want to join trucking.

On December 22, the FMCSA updated the website of the registry of places providing driving knowledge.

The new webpage consists of guidelines that drivers can take when choosing a driving service provider from among those listed in the driving service provider register.

The information is also available as a manual.

For entry-level drivers, the FMCSA sets minimum federal requirements that they must meet before checking for CDLs.

The notice on the new FMCSA web page states: “Drivers are urged to exercise caution when choosing a service provider to help them meet specific ELDT requirements. Visit the Provider Registry to learn more about where to get a CDL.

The new web page includes:

• information about what is needed for entry-level drivers

• a checklist to help you find an approved provider of the services you need

• reference to the minimum requirements for the amount of information that a future driver must receive

• advice on finding possible financial assistance

• a link with verified information that your service provider sent to the Registry

The ELDT requirements came into effect in February of this year.

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