7 tips how to pass your CDL test

January 28, 20210

The CDL tests are usually harder than driver’s license test. You have to know more information and terminology about the trucking industry.

Here we propose 7 useful tips how to pass your CDL written test on your first try.

  • Every state has its own CDL manual. Make sure you get the correct one to review.
  • It is very hard for most people to remember all the information. Understanding is much better. The better you understand the material, the easier it will be to answer any question.
  • Practice makes perfect. Don’t study for your CDL exam at the last hours. Spend a few hours every day studying the material.
  • There are many useful apps in the internet to help you studying on the go. You can use different techniques like songs, rhymes and flashcards.
  • Sleep well before the exam. Never take CDL on an empty stomach, be sure to have breakfast in the morning. It will prevent you from nausea and dizziness that may appear if you get nervous.
  • Read carefully. Pay attention to the questions with “except” or “which of the following is NOT true.”
  • Keep track of your time. If there are 20 questions in the test and you have 1 hour – you time budget is 3 minutes per question. Don’t dwell on the question. The first answer you choose will be the best one.

Diligent preparation and positive attitude will help you to do your best!


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