US Government Wants To Modernize Ports To Tackle Cargo Industry Problems

November 10, 20210

Over the next three months, the government plans to identify and fund potential modernization of US ports, aiming to eliminate the problems in the cargo industry.

The president’s office announced its plans on Tuesday, November 9, following the $ 1 trillion infrastructure package announced on Friday. The package includes $ 17 billion that will go towards improving onshore and offshore ports to ensure long-term supply chain stability.

These plans will allow the port authorities to redirect any money left over from grant projects towards improving ports and solving supply chain problems. For example, the Georgia Port Authority will soon use $ 8 million to convert its inland facilities into container yards, making room for more containers and removing one of the main obstacles in the current supply chain crisis – lack of container storage space.

Additional aspects of the upcoming plans include a $ 240 million grant program for the modernization of ports and sea lanes, as well as an assessment of necessary repairs and opportunities for deepening of harbor. This work is expected to begin within the next two months.

It is known that the Department of Transport intends to issue an official guidance on best practices of the goods’ movement. This way states will be able to maximize infrastructure investment.


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