Orders for Trucks increased by 91% compared to the previous period

September 9, 20210

Nearly 40 000 Class 8 trucks were ordered in North America in August – the highest level in five months, according to published figures.

The number of orders for Class 8 trucks in the previous 12 months is currently 456 000.

As explained by Don Eyck, vice president of commercial vehicles at the FTR, the increase in orders came as the OEM manufacturers began taking more orders for 2022.

Kenny Viet, President and Senior Analyst at the ACT, said that demand for commercial vehicles increased in August: “… after a more moderate period related to the 2022 pre-order restriction, orders for Class 8 trucks began to rise in late 2021” – he said. “While demand for new cars remains at unprecedented levels, the industry’s ability to transform that demand into cars remains limited by numerous challenges from the supply-side, beginning with semiconductors and not only. Thus, production problems are likely to affect orders, even as the number of pending orders continues to rise.

robotic assembly

According to Eyck’s forecasts, from August to the end of the year, the number of orders will increase significantly. However, there can be large wavering from month to month because the OEM manufacturers are careful about order management and distribution.

“The fleets wanted to place their orders for 2022 within a few months. They are currently in desperate need of trucks, and the freight market is so strong that they expect manufacturers to be unable to accept new orders again next year. In 2022 the demand for class 8 trucks will be huge due to the growing freight market and the deferred demand left over from 2021,”said Don Eyck.


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