New driver app tracks weather, obstacles and parking

September 10, 20220

Weather Route Inc. developed an application that allows drivers to track the weather on the road.

In a press release, the company said that the purpose of the app is to provide “connection between GPS navigation and weather forecasting.”

“Our weather forecasts consist of temperature, cloud levels, precipitation, wind and weather radar,” said Devan Stormont, co-founder, CEO and CTO of Weather Route Inc.

“We show drivers what the weather will be like when they arrive at their various points of travel,” he continued. “We also provide additional security features such as live camera recording. You can schedule rest stops along the route and the rest of the route will automatically adjust for later weather forecasts.”

In the winter of 2011, Stormont said he was planning a long trip across the western United States and was trying to plan his route in the harsh winter conditions. Even though Stormont was familiar with the route and tools such as Oregon’s TripCheck, he decided to cancel the trip because he was afraid of being caught in a heavy snowstorm.

Stormont spent the entire next season developing the new app.

According to him, the main problem is that most weather applications provide information only about specific places in the city. “Drivers have to manually search for cities they know on their route to find the information they need. It’s a very laborious process.”

Stormont said the Weather Route app “does all the hard work” finding the right information and providing it to the driver.

“We take into account your expected travel time as well as the type of vehicle you drive. Our weather reports are made for truck, car and motorcycle drivers. For example, we know that large vehicles are more sensitive to wind than a passenger car,” he said.

Stormont says Weather Route is currently building integrations with dispatchers and load managers to help all organizations stay aware of the risks individual company drivers face.


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