Florida to get new lane closure warning system

August 24, 20220

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) announced the start of the state’s annual technology pilot program to create a Lane Closure Notification System (LCNS).

Florida will be the first state to launch the LCNS service.

“The system leverages the latest GPS and mapping technologies to provide advanced notices to motorists through leading GPS apps and services,” a news release stated.

With their help, drivers will be able to receive voice or visual alerts, as well as exchange information with other drivers in real time.

According to the FDOT, the primary goal of LCNS is to improve worker safety by alerting drivers to active work areas or lane closures, and to help motorists navigate these work areas safely, in a timely manner, and efficiently.

Among the advantages of LCNS:

• Reducing accidents and injuries in work zones

• Improved worker safety

• Identification and tracking in real time of overlapping building strips

• Automatic sharing of lane closure information with travelers in real time via automated driving systems

• Reducing traffic congestion by informing road users of closed lanes.

By integrating the new system with the mapping services drivers already use, this optional hands-free feature easily enhances driver comfort, mobility and safety.


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