Diesel tax rise in less than a month in Connecticut

June 16, 20220

The tax on diesel fuel is planned to be increased from July 1, but what the new rate will be is yet unknown.

The current Connecticut tax on diesel is $40,1 cents per gallon. The average price per gallon of diesel fuel in Connecticut nearly doubled from last year to $6,17, according to AAA.

“I literally watch companies go bust or not quite go bust, but owner-operators are just sitting on their trucks,” said Jamal Lewis, owner/operator of J. Lewis Logistics, from Atlanta, Georgia.

It gets to the point where truckers don’t want to come to the east coast or the far west because diesel costs a dollar more there than in other parts of the country.

In addition to fuel prices, supply chain issues, and an upcoming diesel tax, Connecticut will tax truckers for every mile driven in the state starting in January 2023.

The Connecticut Motor Vehicle Association is among organizations calling on the governor and the legislature to call a special session this summer or fall to put a hold on the diesel tax increase and eliminate highway tolls.


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