$ 1.2 million bill draft for truckers passed with controversial conditions

August 11, 20210

The US government passed the Infrastructure Investment Act, introducing controversial conditions in the freight traffic industry.

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill by 69 votes to 30 to improve national highways, bridges, railways and water systems.

Approximately $ 110 billion will be earmarked to public transport, ports, airports and highways.

For truckers, the law contains (and omits) several important conditions that may affect freight transport in the near future. 

• LACK of funding for truck parking.

The final Senate bill provides $ 0 in the truck parking budget.

• NO increase in minimum requirements to the vehicle insurance. The Senate bill doesn`t include a controversial measure to increase minimum vehicle insurance requirements from $ 750 000 to $ 2 million.

• PILOT PROGRAM of the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). The Senate bill promotes the pilot program to examine the introduction of the VMT tax on both commercial and passenger cars.

• REQUIRES Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). The bill requires all new commercial vehicles to be equipped with AEB technology within two years.

• “PILOT TRAINING PROGRAM” for teenage truckers. The Senate bill includes a pilot program to train truckers under the age of 21 in interstate trucking.

• Target group on TRUCK LEASING. The bill will create a working group to study leasing agreements and fight against lease and buyout thief programs.

• WOMEN IN TRUCKS. The bill will create an Advisory Council for working with women-loaders to attract more women to participate in the trucking industry.

The bill will be sent to the US House of Representatives, it`s on vacation until September 20.


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