Top 6 Tips for Choosing a Semi Truck

May 27, 20210

If you are planning to buy a truck, there are several important factors to consider. These tips will help you make the right choice and pick out the right vehicle.

New truck or pre-owned?

Many people right away face an issue – to buy a new truck or the used one. Both options have their pros and cons.

The advantage of the new truck is the guarantee. After all, not all truck models are equally reliable.

The disadvantage of the new transport is, of course, unreasonably high price. The new always costs more. Moreover, if you are buying a brand new truck, you need immediately establish contacts with the dealership, seller and technical center so that your new truck will be a long-serving.

The pre-owned truck is always a risk. Despite the attractive price, sooner or later many problems may crop up, and to solve them you will spend big money.

You can find a reliable truck with the help of transport companies or your friends.

What truck should you choose?

You need to understand clearly what kind of transportation you will bear on your truck.

When you evaluate all the necessary characteristics, it will be easier to focus on searching a specific truck.

For example, there is no need to look for a truck with a powerful engine if the load doesn`t exceed 70 000-80 000 pounds. Or buy a double-frame truck if you plan to transport regular cargo. If you hazy about what engine power to choose, the prof`s tip is to avoid max or min power.

When buying a truck, you should think twice about whether the design, color or tires are worth an extra cost.

Thus, you will save money and time, as you will not overpay for the unnecessary functionality.

How to find a reliable seller?

The seller must be competent and experienced in the field of transportation. Have a good understanding of trucks and know their characteristics. Ask many questions to find out if the person has the relevant knowledge.

It makes no sense to negotiate with a seller who is only focused on the commission.

Find the nearest tech hub or dealership

Remember that you will need to service your vehicle quite often. An automobile workshop or dealership should be close to home. This will save you time.

For example, there is no point in buying a Freightliner if there is no dealer nearby.

A reliable mechanic is the key to success

Ask your fellow truckers what mechanic they resort to. In fact, there are very few good trusted masters.

In order not to overpay twice, it is better to contact a professional immediately.

Estimate the prospects of your truck

Ask yourself – how long are you planning to drive this truck?

If you are looking for a long-term truck, you need to pick a reliable and durable brand. For this, Kenworth or Peterbilt are best suited. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, short-term used truck, you may want to consider Volvo or Freightliner.

Find the time to define your truck for the job you will be doing. It will increase productivity and future income.


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