Top 5 extreme U.S. roads for truckers

April 17, 20210

Truckers know the United States better than anyone. However, there are highways that can make even the most experienced drivers break out in a sweat.

Based on driver experiences and U.S. Department of Transportation data, these are the top five U.S. roads that truckers should avoid whenever possible.

The Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

This winding and dangerous road is about 25 miles long. It got its name because it cost millions of dollars to build in the 1880s.

The highway has many bends. The weather in this mountainous area is not very pleasant, with frequent snowfall, ice and strong winds. There are no shoulders or guardrails on this stretch of the highway and the downhill can be extremely steep.

Tail of the Dragon, Appalachian Mountains

The 11-mile mountain stretch is located between North Carolina and Tennessee. Cars go through 318 turns and it is impossible not to slam into oncoming traffic.

Every place of this route can be fatal, but the eighth kilometer is considered to be the deadliest – the width of this section is so small that any truck occupies both lanes.

US Highway 2 in Montana

According to the University of Minnesota, the US-2 Highway in Montana has the highest road traffic death rate. This road is especially dangerous in winter.

The 760-mile stretch of US-2 is prone to high winds and black ice. The state is one of the least populated in America, and the ambulance come here in 70-80 minutes. There is not much traffic here, so people tend to drive fast.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

This 17-mile bridge in Maryland is considered one of America’s scariest bridges. There is even a bridge service for those who are very afraid to cross it.

Dalton Highway in Alaska

The Dalton Highway in Alaska, known as Alaska Route 11, is extremely dangerous.

It passes through mountainous terrain and is called “the loneliest road on Earth.” It has only one fuel station and limited access to emergency services.


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