«This is great event for us!»: Boston Truck gives emotions to children with autism

July 31, 20210

Every year students with autism at Boston’s Higashi School can’t wait to see a huge truck driving up to the building.

For 5 years now union men of the Teamsters Local 25 has been visiting kids in a big truck and letting them crawl in and out of the vehicle, grab the wheel and, most importantly, beep!

Last year the truck was unable to arrive due to the pandemic and school principal Deborah Donovan said that children were very upset.

She also said that Teamsters president Sean O’Brien usually arrives at school a little earlier, wearing sneakers and shorts, to join the kids doing their morning exercises.

Students viewing truck

O’Brien further said that autism is in the focus of the union charity work for the past 15 years, initiated by union members who have relatives with autism. What started as a fundraising eventually turned into an annual tradition of visiting school.

The large truck is extremely interesting for many pupils.

студенты выходят из такси

Especially for those who are fond of cars, trucks and other land transport.

When an event takes place at school, teachers monitor the preparation of students.

According to the school principal before the time when truck arrives, schoolers prepare stories, poems, projects and other events related to trucks.

“This is a real pleasure and big day for us,” said the headmaster. «Children are always looking forward to this meeting and those who can’t speak point to the pictures of trucks.»


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