“It`s a nightmare” Research on trucker nutrition shocks the entire industry

September 13, 20210

A recent survey found that about 80% of all truckers struggle with nutrition problems while on the road. What are they connected with?

Truckers were asked to complete a survey and share their experiences of eating at truck stops. When asked “Is it difficult for you to have lunch, due to the fact that the restaurants at the stops are closed or don`t meet the working hours?” 79% of the respondents answered “yes”.

According to the TA Travel Centers of America website, from 155 restaurants, 41 were never reopened due to COVID19, – that’s 26% of all TA restaurants that no longer cater American truck drivers. The statistics didn`t include TA restaurants that close early due to staff problems. It means their number is much greater.


Truckers actively responded to the survey, leaving emotional comments.

“Most of the stops either closed their restaurants or cut their opening hours. Now it’s hard to find a place to eat … “

“Most of the big chain truck stops closed their restaurants,” added another trucker. “I can still find open restaurants in small district.”

“I work a lot, the parking lot is my home, and almost every day I can’t even eat properly,” another trucker commented.

Also in the comments many drivers share about the ways of packing food and preparing food directly inside the truck.


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