How to get well-paid job in field of traffic – important tips for truckers

August 21, 20210

Trucker`s job deserves respect and decent pay. What niches are ranked above the rest in cargo transportation? Let’s find out.

Working in specialized niches in the trucking industry is often a little unusual. It often requires expensive specialized equipment and experienced, skilled and highly trained drivers.

Often these specialized niche job vacancies come with varying riskiness and danger.

To get a higher salary truck driver needs to gain more experience and necessary skills than the average trucker who transports, for example, dry stores on a wagon trailer.

• Greater Risks – Willingness to take more risks. Work is linked with a higher danger level.

• More responsibility – the greater risk, the greater responsibility.

• Higher skill level – Requires a more complex skill set, specific to a specialized niche.

• No accidents / incidents – clean driving!

• Driving Experience – Companies often require more experienced truckers with more than 5 years of successful CDL experience with no incidents in their track record.

• Work in remote areas. Some truck driving locations may be in remote or sparsely populated areas.

The cost of living for truckers in such areas can also be significantly higher if the job requires the driver to live in the area where the job is located.

Tanker`s job is mostly well paid. But a lot depends on hiring a carrier company. This is associated with a greater risk, more skills and knowledge are required, so it should also require more payment. They often pay for delays. Which leads to a higher pay rate.

Private fleets often pay higher driver fees, but their hiring standards for drivers are also higher. They may be looking for drivers with more experience and higher skill levels than the average bulk carrier driver.

Job in trucking that requires a higher skill set and a high level of risk is more well paid than the average trucker`s job. Such niches can be, for example, working on a tanker, operator-owner (but don’t forget about the big financial risk and responsibility), as well as cargo transportation on icy roads.


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