Experts opinion on veterans role in cargo transportation

December 29, 20220

Military and cargo transportation experts are confident that the trucking industry is a great option for military personnel who want to make the transition to civilian life.

Successful drivers have always been distinguished by the qualities of conscientious employees who not only do their job well, but are also able to help others if there is a need. On the road, unforeseen circumstances often occur that require a quick reaction and a cold mind. All these features are inherent in military people.

On December 14-15 in Washington DC, the American Trucking Association organized a Veteran-Ready event, which is focused on the fact that the industry needs well rounded people.

ATA Executive Vice President of Advocacy Bill Sullivan stressed that trucking is an opportunity for service members and is ideal for those who are determined, disciplined and thrive both solo and as a team.

The event also featured a panel discussion with four veterans who spoke about their personal experiences in the trucking industry after serving in the military.

Former Marine Lieutenant Colonel James Rose, a driver at Prime Inc. who is also a driving instructor and serves on the company’s driver advisory board, says trucking is great for veterans.

From his experience, he noted that veterans often experience “discomfort” in the transition from the monotonous military life to civilian life. Freedom and the opportunity to calmly see the world is what people from the military get, starting their journey in truck driving.

He also noted that cargo transportation is an area that can help veterans increase the well-being of their families and future generations.

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