Avoid COVID-19: The guide for truck drivers

January 14, 20210

While lots of companies continue working remotely, truck drivers do their important daily work on the roads and communicate with people from different areas and regions.

Therefore, it can be useful to point at the main personal hygiene rules, which reduce the risk of catching coronavirus or other infectious diseases along the way.

Disinfect your hands with a hand sanitizer with at least 50% of alcohol.

Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds using liquid soap. Sing the song “Happy Birthday!” twice to time yourself! 😊

Avoid touching handrails and door handles unless necessary.

Remember that COVID-19 can remain infectious on plastic and iron surfaces for 9 days!

Don’t touch your face with your hands. It`s better to use paper towels for that. Wear rubber gloves every time you leave your driver`s cabin at gas stations, customers’ sites etc.

Clean regularly your driver`s cabin and wipe down all surfaces you usually touch in it. Air the driver`s cabin at stoppages.

Keep distance at least 6 feet from others. Try to avoid handshakes and crowded places.

Use your own pen to sign the documents and don’t give it to anybody. It would be a good idea to disinfect hands after dealing with docs and cargo.

Drink enough water and don’t forget to eat well. Plan ahead your diet and try to keep healthy meal at hand.

Less stress, more rest will help you to be more careful on the road.

If you feel bad or suspect that you have coronavirus, immediately inform your transport company and ask local health authorities for help.

Hope this simple advice will be useful not only for truck drivers.

Share it with your friends, take care but don’t go to extremes 😊


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