6 lifehacks how to prevent a cargo theft

January 14, 20210

“A cargo theft on the road” sounds like a terrible nightmare for every truck driver. Goods in the truck are quite expensive, but driver’s reputation costs even more.

Below there are 6 time-tested tips how to avoid such terrible situation as a cargo theft.

1. Do your best till start driving

Eat and sleep well before the trip and drive at least 250 miles after loading up. Why do you need so many?

Because most of thieves can wait at local truck stops.

2. Plan your stops

Yes, it is not easy, but just try! Plan even half-day stops before you leave the customer’s site. Spend a few minutes to find out the place to sleep over until you going strong. Planning will keep you and your cargo out of trouble.

3. Guarded parking

Lots of companies usually give useful information where and when it can be safe to make stops. But anyway, it is extremely important not to drop the trailer for a long time in unsafe and rough areas. Try to park in well-lit places or near security cameras.

4. Don’t say too much

It is better not to tell everybody around about your cargo, trip or upcoming stops. And definitely not to share this information with indicated location on the social networks, because it is the easiest way for thieves to spot you!

5. Trust, but cut the cards

Even though the truck has been inspected before the trip, the driver is urged to check it out at the stops and make sure that the trailer is safe and sound.

Make sure that all windows and doors are locked if you have to go out just for a little while, especially in the crowded cities.

6. What to do, if…?

If you pointed out another suspicious car or person getting after your truck –  call 911 immediately and report this information. Give the operator as much identifying information about the vehicle or individual as you can notice – model, colour, plate number etc. Make sure that your truck and you are not in danger and then continue the journey.

Previously ask the manager what you should do if the cargo is stolen or damaged by theft.

Hope, those tips will help you to prevent a cargo theft.

Remember that most of goods you deliver today are vital so stay alert!


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