5 tips how to prevent an accident

January 20, 20210

1. Slow down!

 The first main rule is to take it slow. Wherever you are going, move deliberately. Whether you’re coming and going from a truck stop, pulling in and out of the drop yard or looking for a customer.

Many accidents could have been avoided if trucks moved slower. So it is important to avoid aggressive driving.

2. Be careful! 

Make sure you’ve covered all your bases, checked your blind spots and a complete circle check.

Keep an eye on the entire vehicle as you’re just leaving the yard. This is a situation when some drivers take for granted where there are no obstacles. You need to watch the entire vehicle, not just around the front of the vehicle.

3. Have a trip plan.

Best tip for a driver is to make trip planning a part of your daily routine.

Even when you’ve done your due diligence and planned for your trip and become familiar with the location of the customer on your map and/or GPS, this can still be very stressful.

Driving in traffic and locating a destination where you’ve never been before can be a scary. This can be quite stressful for experienced truckers, even after years of doing it.

4. Use a road map

Its a good tip, but most of drivers tend to ignore it! A GPS is also a great tool, but they’re not the ultimate tool. They sometimes make mistakes.

Be sure to get a road map and compare it to what the GPS is telling you.

5. Call the Customer for Directions.

Before going in to deliver your load, call the receiver/customer and get directions to the delivery location.

Then, compare the information with the map or GPS. You then have 2 points of reference, so you minimize your chances of doing something wrong.

Of course, accidents sometimes happen, but the majority of accidents can be avoided by adopting some simple common sense thinking.


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