3 tips for rookie drivers

January 27, 20210

The first six months of driving a truck is always a huge stress for everyone (every experienced driver will say the same). But it is important to remember that everyone once started, doing something uncertainly and making lots of mistakes. Therefore, we want to tell you some life hacks to make your zero mile not so painful.

  • There is always a chance of getting lost. So, don’t panic and relax. Many accidents happen when the driver is in a hurry. Try to find a safe place to make a stop and look at your company direction. If you have Google Maps – that’s great! But remember, that it can show the wrong way. So, find out where you are and the point of destination. It is better to call the shipper or you manage and ask them where to go. As known, car-based GPS can lead you to residential subdivision with its narrow streets where it will be hard to turn the truck around.
  • Good sleep is very important. When it comes to drive safely, rest is driver’s best friend. If you feel tired, stop and take a break. Never drive being tired! Energy or caffeine overuse is also bad idea. Its rather being late than having accident.
  • Sometimes everything goes wrong – broken truck, flat tire or delayed load. You should keep a cool head and communicate with everyone professionally. You can always call your family or friends and just chat.

After six months you will realize that job of truck driver is easier than you thought it’d be!


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