What trucker must do next to autonomous truck

August 10, 20210

For many drivers, an autonomous truck on an adjacent lane is like a scene from a horror movie. However, it`s a reality that awaits us in the near future and it would be good to be prepared for it.

Many people think Tesla is a pioneer in the development of remote-piloted trucks. But actually it isn`t. Mercedes-Benz was the first to introduce the technology. A driverless truck can interwork with other vehicles on the road, as well as be aware of traffic jams and detour routes in advance.

This means that the car is programmed to complete the task successfully – to get to the destination and keep the cargo from being lost. It won`t help the police to catch criminals, like a brave driver.

The Swedish company Einride designs trucks without a cab. As cars are developing towards autonomy, this might be a good decision. After all, when it`s clear from the very beginning that a truck is without a driver, it looks less frightening than when there is no one in the driver’s seat.

A good option is a cab with tinted windows, due to them you can fantasize the driver at the wheel of a truck.


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