Tips for truckers on transporting risky goods

October 15, 20210

Unsafe shipments are an unfortunate situation that can happen to anyone in the trucking industry. And it`s vitally important to know what to do in a situation when you find yourself in an unsafe area.

When delivering to a new location, drivers should ask the recipient about any safety concerns that may come up in the area. Ask questions to find out everything you can about the area.

Some delivery areas are simply unsafe. Personal safety can be at risk. Find out before you get to the area, not upon arrival.

Landed up in an unsafe area? Your actions:

• tell your company about your observations and location.

• make sure the truck doors are locked.

• stay on the main streets, don`t drive into dark alleys.

• if you have GPS navigation, program it to show you the fastest way out of the area and back onto the highway. Or, if possible, leave the area by the same route you came to the area so you don’t get lost in a bad area.

• keep your mobile phone handy in case you need to call 911 or take a photo.

• keep driving, don`t stop.

• take time to plan your trip. It will pay off in full. At the very least, speak with the recipient on the phone before heading to this location.

Don`t be afraid to refuse delivery of cargo to an unsafe area. Remember that the dispatcher’s job is to control the movement of cargo from point A to point B. They aren`t really concerned about the driver`s safety.

Therefore, your safety is in your hands!


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