How to make the most of your diesel and save money at the same time?

October 29, 20210

It`s expected that fuel prices will only rise in the future. That’s why it becomes critical for drivers to try to get more miles out of their diesel fuel.

Considering the price hike, it’s vital to use every opportunity to increase miles quantity per gallon. Fortunately, there are some secrets to help you.

Do not overfill the tank

You might think that adding fuel to the tank will save you money, but no.

A tank filled to the brim can expand and overflow when the fuel heats up. Overflowing is not only wasteful but also can be dangerous to other drivers on the road. Additional fuel can also add extra weight that will slow down the vehicle. Fill the tank to 95% – that`s enough.

Set the pace

Sometimes going faster is not a good idea. A truck traveling at 75 mph uses 27% more fuel than a truck traveling at 65 mph. The faster you speed up, the more fuel you burn. Smooth and gradual speed-up and slowdown while trying to maintain a constant speed can save you a lot of money over time.

Check and pump up tires regularly

When your tires are properly inflated, fuel efficiency is improved.

Every 1 pound/sq inch of the low tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption by 0,4%. If you pump up tires right they`ll have a longer term service and be safer on the road.

Improved aerodynamics

About 50% of a truck’s fuel is used to overcome air-pressure when driving at high speeds. NASA research back in the 1980s proved that optimizing the front, rear and chassis of a vehicle can reduce resistance of the usable fuel by more than 30%.

Avoid idle running of your truck

Too often, drivers leave their trucks idling – when they get out of the cab to keep the heat, or simply because they think it`ll save them fuel.

It`s a common misconception that restarting a car uses more fuel than idling. But just 10 seconds of idling wastes more fuel than just restarting the engine. Never let the semi-trailer stand idle for more than five minutes. On average, a gallon of fuel is burned per one idling hour. The same hour a day for a year can cost you 64 000 miles of engine wear.

Use a quality fuel additive

Another thing that can help to save fuel that`s clean fuel system. Deposits on air nozzles can lead to clogging, and without a clean spray pattern of air nozzles, you are wasting fuel.

Using an additive compound that restores lubricity and protects the engine from harmful deposits will help keep your vehicle`s peak efficiency!


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