Brake Safety Week starts on Monday, CVSA Recommendations

August 21, 20210

This weekend kicks in an extremely important truck inspection in 2021, it’s organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

CVSA Brake Safety Week will last from 22 to 28 August. The focus this year will be on brake hoses and tubes.

Within the week inspectors will check trucks, concentrating on braking systems and vehicle components. Law enforcement will collect data on brake hoses and tubing for passing to CVSA.

Also in August is the Brake Safety Awareness Month. Law enforcement will raise awareness among truck drivers, freight carriers, technicians and owner-operators on brake operation and efficiency, with the help of the awareness campaign and training

During last year’s Brake Safety Week 12% of 43 565 tested trucks were taken out of service due to brake-related violations.

How to check hoses for wear:

Brake Hose/Tubing

Roadside enforcement inspectors look for wear and damage to brake hoses and tubing. The following are descriptions of out-of-service (OOS) conditions, along with the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation number for reference:

1. Any damage extending through the outer reinforcement ply. (393.45(a))

NOTE: Rubber impregnated fabric cover is not a reinforcement ply.

NOTE: Thermoplastic nylon tube may have braid reinforcement or color difference between cover and inner tube. Exposure of second color is an out-of-service condition.

2. Bulge/swelling when air pressure is applied. (393.45(a))

3. Audible air leak at other than a proper connection. (393.45(a))

4. Improperly joined such as a splice made by sliding the hose ends over a piece of tubing and clamping the hose to the tube. (393.45(a))

Damaged by heat, broken, or crimped in such a manner as to restrict air flow. (393.45(a))


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