6 Useful Tips For Safe Idling Big Rigs

April 9, 20220

Every trucker, despite state laws, has left their vehicle idling at least once. However, are all drivers familiar with the true causes and consequences of this action? Let’s try to figure it out.

As you know, idling of a vehicle is its working without load on the engine. Idling allows the truck to run even when the driver isn’t behind the wheel.

Why is it generally accepted in society that idling is bad?

  • Idling was proven to shorten engine’s life. Having a certain period of operation, an engine that was idling will break down much faster.

Those hours of work are more logical to spend on transporting goods than on useless work at a truck stop at night.

  • Idling isn’t approved in some states as it builds up exhaust fumes, polluting an already suffering environment. In some states, activists monitor these trucks and file complaints.
  • Running the truck idling can just be dangerous. Engine exhaust fumes can enter the truck’s cab and cause asthma or apnea. Medical research proves that exhaust gases not only poison the organism, but also provoke the development of cancer cells in the lungs.

However, there are exceptions when the driver can’t avoid idling.

We are talking about cold weather, when the engine idling becomes the lesser of two evils. After the introduction of biodiesel fuel, truckers are forced to leave the engine running, as under the influence of frost, the liquid quickly turns into a gel.

What are truckers advised to do in such case?

  • Ensure the movement of air – open a window or make a ventilation system.
  • Regularly check for the possibility of exhaust leaks at the pre-trip inspection. Avoid accumulation of gases in the place where the driver sleeps.
  • Start the engine at idle between 900 and 1100 rpm.
  • Don’t leave the truck unattended with the engine running. Even if you need to leave for a minute to get a bun.
  • Park the truck perpendicular to the wind flow to ensure that the cabin is “well blown”.
  • Don’t sleep with the engine running all night – this can end badly.

Remember that having the truck idling on is a necessity, not a privilege.

Have a good road!


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